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Sheona Chisholm

Sent from Chalmers Ardler Church, Dundee

Sheona is serving at Africa Based Support (ABS) as Personnel Coordinator.

Located in Nairobi, Kenya, ABS is a ministry of Africa Inland Mission (AIM). It exists to coordinate and provide essential support services to enhance the ministries of missionaries from AIM and several other like-minded organisations.

AIM and ABS place high value on caring for missionaries to ensure they are thriving in their cross-cultural life and ministry. Having people specifically working to provide this care is vital.

Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963. Since then British tourism has been a key element of Kenya’s economy, however, unemployment, poverty and crime remain high. Whilst the majority religion is Christianity, Kenya’s ethnic diversity and vast countryside means there are still many unreached with the gospel.

Sheona’s work with ABS is very varied, and she provides support for missionaries in a number of different areas. She provides administrative support and ensures that systems and processes are followed.

Sheona is excited about her new role, even though for her it is a huge change of career. For over 30 years she worked in nursing and midwifery. Most recently, she worked in midwifery leadership in a very busy high-risk labour ward. This new direction will be a challenge, but Sheona hopes to be able to use her non-clinical skills and gifts.

Sheona returned to the UK from working on a team in the Indian Ocean Islands in 2016, and since then has studied at All Nations Christian College. In that time, she has been challenged to lay down her passion for maternal mortality and morbidity and instead be passionate about the gospel. Although this is now a supportive role rather than a frontline role, Sheona believes that she can still fulfill her calling, albeit in a very different way.

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Sheona serves as Personnel Coordinator for Africa Based Support in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Latest prayer points

  • 29 May 2020

    Sheona is now on her final Home Assignment in the UK before finishing her full-time service with AIM. “Life certainly looks very different from what I was expecting when I left Nairobi at the beginning of March… These are truly challenging times we are living in. I have had odd moments of fear and trepidation about what the future holds, but I keep coming back to who holds the future. If we put our trust in Jesus it doesn’t mean that nothing bad will happen or that we won’t walk through suffering or hardship, but he will walk alongside us… It has been difficult to discuss what my role with AIM would be due to the lockdown, but I have managed to have some discussions with AIM’s leadership, who have been very helpful. I will have a voluntary role… I will combine this role with doing some admin at my church.” Please pray for Sheona as she finishes her formal service with AIM as a long term missionary and anticipates beginning her voluntary role with AIM in the summer.

  • 3 January 2020

    Sheona will be returning to the UK in March. “2019 has been a year of blessings, confusion and difficult decisions… I really love being here in Kenya, I live in a beautiful apartment & really enjoy doing personnel stuff. Never if you had asked me years ago would I have said not working clinically would have brought me pleasure, but God knows who I am & I really enjoy the member care & surprisingly the admin side of things… But – for a few reasons – personal, I need to leave Africa… concern for my parents is getting worse & wanting to support them and my siblings has meant I can’t work from Nairobi. This has been a hard decision, but I feel a peace that I will be going home to Scotland after just over two years of living here in Nairobi… I am praying that AIM will be able to find an assignment that I can do from Scotland… Please pray with me as I spend my last few months here in Nairobi. Pray that I will finish well in my final two months. Pray that I will know what my future looks like and that I’ll have patience to trust in God.”

  • 13 September 2019

    “There is excitement over the next few months as we have more folks coming to serve here with AIM Care, AIM AIR and On Field Media (OFM). In October we have two more new AIM AIR families coming to Nairobi; then in January a new OFM single woman is coming to Nairobi; in February an AIM Care family (two psychiatrists) are coming to serve here; then in July we have more AIM AIR and OFM families coming to serve. Sadly we do have other folks leaving Nairobi. So there are lots of comings and goings. Sometimes folks go on Home Assignment for 4-6 months and other times it’s folks leaving to serve elsewhere.” Praise God for sending these new missionaries to Africa, and please pray for them as they prepare to being serving in Nairobi. Please pray for Sheona in her role in helping new missionaries settle in to serving as part of Africa Based Support.

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