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Retired and past missionaries


What happens after missionary service?

Some who return to the UK after service in Africa quickly become absorbed again in family and church life.  For others the adjustment takes longer.

Most people get involved with their local church in a variety of ways, and/or in other forms of service. A number go back to Africa for longer or shorter periods, using their considerable experience and expertise to help out in different ministries. What everyone can do is to pray; and with a knowledge of the joys and challenges faced by mission personnel, national partners and unreached people groups, they can pray with great insight. As people get older and more frail this is perhaps their most important ministry.

Several years ago, the Aim Fellowship was formed. This is open to all who have served with AIM at home or abroad for at least two years and its purpose is to provide fellowship and encouragement for those who would like it. A data base of members is kept which can be used as a directory and as a prayer diary, and a newsletter is produced every four months. Some members get together every so often in their geographical areas for fellowship and prayer. There is also a prayer link which is circulated for specific needs of members, whether health issues, travel to Africa – or anything else. Every year we hold a two-day residential conference. It’s a great time for meeting up with friends and former colleagues – the number in attendance is usually around 60. We have news from various countries from those on home assignment and the International and Nottingham offices are represented too. People ‘hungry’ for news and times of prayer are very rich.

In truth, do we ever retire from the Lord’s service? Psalm 92:12 & 14 promises “the righteous will flourish like a palm tree… they will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green…”

Retired and past Members



Paul & Diana Allcock (Uganda)

Herbert (Dilly) & Ruth Andersen (Kenya)

Dick Anderson (Kenya & International Office)

Brian & Eileen Andrew (Kenya)


Mike & Joan Barfoot (Kenya)

Catherine (nee Garton) Bartlett (Kenya)

Eileen Beadle (Kenya)

Andrew Beckham (South Sudan)

Mary Bennett (Namibia)

John & Caroline Brand (UK Council; UK Director)

Rosemary Brown (Kenya)

Jennifer Burgess (Uganda)


Ian & Elaine Campbell (IO & locations across Africa)

J & C (UK Office)

John & Jackie Chaplin (Kenya)

Andrew & Rachel Chard (UK office & Tanzania)

Sheona Chisholm (Indian Ocean Islands & Kenya)

Christine Clarke (UK Council)

Matthew Clarke (Kenya)

Brian & Eleanor Clewes (Kenya)

Lyn Cooke (Uganda)

Hilary Cope (Kenya,Uganda)

Barbara Cottier (Kenya, Uganda)


Richard & Barbara Davies (Creative Access)

Stanley & Margaret Davies (Kenya, UK Council)

Colin & Joy Densham (Kenya)

Léonie Dieleman (Mozambique)

Michael Donovan (Kenya)

Barry & Anne Douglas (Director for Scotland)

Paul & Brenda Doye (UK Council)

Chris Doust (Kenya, UK Council)

David & Elly Duncan (Seychelles, European Office)

Robert & Liz Dungey (Uganda)


Charles & Beryl Eaves (Kenya)

Ernest & Ann Exell (Uganda)

Simon & Ann Eyre (Kenya)


Elisabeth Farrant – née Struthers (Kenya & UK Office)

Richard & Nicola Feather (Tanzania)

Keith & Margaret Ferdinando (Rwanda & DR Congo)

Andre & Carol Fischer (Kenya)

Jon & Mel Fitton (Kenya, UK Trustee)

Teresa (nee Walsh) Flynn (Tanzania)

Mark & Susan Forshaw (Kenya & UK Office)

Neville Frith (Kenya & UK Office)


Alastair & Gaynor Gaston (Kenya)

James & Claire Gibson (Uganda)

Ken & Jill Gibson (Namibia, UK Council)

Raymond & Jackie Givan (Kenya)

Lynne Glass

Angela Godfrey (Kenya & UK Office)

Serge Gutierrez (Chad & France)


Desmond & Virginia Hales (Kenya)

Mark & Sarah Harney (Uganda)

Terrance & Anne Harrington (Kenya)

Wayne & Essie Herrod (Kenya, Representatives in Canada)

Brian Hillman (Kenya)

Veronica Hindle (Kenya)

Renate Hornung (Kenya)

Bridget Howard (DR Congo, Rwanda)

David & Hazel Horton (Madagascar)

Anne Houghton (Uganda)

Elaine Hutchison (Uganda & South Africa)


Beryl Ikin (Kenya)

Norman & Marion Issberner (UK Council)


Liz Jackman (Namibia)

Irene Jackson (Namibia)

Jenny Jackson (Kenya)

Rachel Jackson (Kenya)

Judith (nee Owens) Jones (Kenya)

Sheila Jones (Kenya, Congo & Indian Ocean)


Isobel Kempsell (Kenya & Uganda)

Paul & Ewa Kennedy (Kenya)

Anna Kloninger (Kenya)

Jeanne Knight (Kenya)

Michael Knights (Uganda)

Muriel Knight (Ireland Office)

Jan King (Sudan)

Chris Klompas (Lesotho)


Loots & Nancy Lambrechts

Tommy & Margaret Lee (Irish Office)

Nicola Limburger (South Sudan)

Philip & Sally Lowe (Chad)

David Luce (UK Council)

Mary Lucking (Kenya)

Pierre-Alain & Emmanuelle Luder (South Africa)


Elizabeth Macaulay (Madagascar)

Joan MacKenzie (Chad)

Katie MacKinnon (Kenya & Mozambique)

Peter & Sally Maclure (Sudan, Kenya, UK Office, UK mobilisers)

Graeme & Eli Mallett (Madagascar)

Joan Mann (Scottish Office)

Claire Martin (Uganda)

Tom & Muriel Mayo (Uganda, Kenya & UK Office)

Gordon & Grace McCullough (Uganda & UK Office)

Kyle & Jane McFarlane (Tanzania)

Julie Mercer (Indian Ocean Islands)

Sue Merriman (Kenya & Lesotho)

Mary (formerly Weeks) Millard (Uganda, Congo)

Ken & Anne Mizon (UK Office & Uganda)

Rosemary (nee Scott) Molyneux (Kenya, International Office)

Maureen Moore (Uganda)

Mollie Morris (Kenya)

Donna Morrison (Uganda)

Pam Mortimer (Namibia)


Max Nicolaisen (Kenya)

Russ & Lyn Noble (South Sudan)


Anne O’Connell (Kenya, Uganda)

Christine Oliver (CAR, Uganda)

Georgie Orme (Kenya)

Helen Orr (Madagascar)


Mark & Barbara Phippen (Kenya)

Ian & Rosemary Pitt (Kenya, UK and International Councils)

Allan & Pat Plumpton (UK Council)

Peter & Maureen Prior (Bristol)


Ian Rankin (Sudan, Tanzania)

Elizabeth Rankine (International Office)

Gill Reitsma (Kenya & Sudan)

Bill & Rosemary Rettie (Kenya & UK Office)

Graham & Ruth Robinson (UK Office)

Vera Russell (Kenya & Australia)


Paul & Alison Schwier (CAR, Kenya)

Verena Schafroth (Mozambique)

David Sercombe (Congo & UK Office)

Paul & Margo Shaddick (International Office)

Helen Smith (Kenya & UK Office)

Paul & Eunice Smith (Kenya)

Nigel & Rowena Stapleton (Uganda & UK Office)

Toni Stenger (DR Congo)

Lewis & Angela Stephenson (Uganda)

Nick & Lynne Swanepoel (Kenya) – Through the South Africa Office now living in UK

Pauline Sweeney (Kenya)


Alan & Sylvia Taylor (UK office, UK Council)

Andrew Taylor (Kenya)

Judith Tuckey (Uganda)

Catherine (nee Grier) Tuwi (Chad)


Janny van der Klis (Kenya, Namibia & Chad)

Neil & Alison Vondy (Congo)


Keith Waddell (Uganda)

Jan Walkinshaw (Tanzania)

Andrew Wallace (South Sudan)

Tony & Joy Wallace (Congo, Secretary for Ireland)

Valerie Webber (UK Council)

Carl & Rachel Whitehouse (UK Council)

Maurice & Joan Wheatley (Kenya, UK  Office, International Office & Chad)

Sam & Leanna Williamson (Lesotho)

Shelia Williams

Pam Witts (Uganda)

Ted & Kathleen Wright (Namibia)


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