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Sent from Carey Baptist Church, Reading

Until 2020 F* was part of a team providing English teaching alongside serving in evangelism and church planting on the Indian Ocean Islands.

We write about the ‘Indian Ocean Islands’ rather than naming individual Islands because Christianity on ‘the Islands’ is often viewed with hostility and in some cases outlawed by the Islamic rulers. Political violence has left these islands desperately poor and natural resources are in short supply.

Find out more about the Indian Ocean Islands and the opportunities to serve there.

After completing teacher training, F taught for three years in a primary school. His church then appointed him to work for two years as an apprentice working amongst international people in Reading, teaching English and leading English Bible studies.

F went to Kenya for seven months in 2007 with AIM’s short term programme, where God instilled in him a passion for reaching the unreached in Africa. He then returned to Kenya as part of a TIMO team in 2014, seeking to reach the Samburu people of Lchakwai in northern Kenya with the gospel. It was very much ‘on the job training’ to equip the team for a life of ministry, whether in Africa or elsewhere.

Following the completion of the team in 2016, F* joined a team on the Indian Ocean Islands, where he taught English and sought to make Jesus known as he built relationships with the local community.

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* F’s name has been removed for security purposes. He worked in a location in the Indian Ocean Islands where traditional mission work is not always welcome.

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Until 2020, F* was part of a team providing English teaching and aiming to do evangelism and church planting on the Indian Ocean Islands.

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