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Keith Waddell

Sent from St Mary’s, Islington, London; St Paul’s Oadby

Keith served with AIM at Ruharo Eye Hospital in Mbarara, working as an eye surgeon.

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He has been working in Uganda since 1965, first as a general doctor in hospitals in Kuluva and Kagando, before training in tropical medicine in the UK and returning to Uganda to work as a leprosy doctor. About 10 years later he trained as an ophthalmic doctor and in 1982 set up Uganda’s first eye service.

At Ruharo, Keith is involved in treating difficult cases, medical outreach work, and training the next generation of doctors. Ruharo majors on training eye specialists at all levels, and Keith heads up a programme treating children with eye cancer. His team travels to serve outlying areas including South Sudan.

Keith retired from serving with AIM in December 2016.

Partner with Keith Waddell

Keith retired from work with AIM in December 2016.

He is an eye surgeon working at Ruharo Eye Hospital, Mbarara, completing 50 years of service in 2014. Away from work Keith is surrounded by a large family of disadvantaged youngsters, with whom he seeks to share God’s love.

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