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Ann works among an unreached people group in northern Chad, supporting a local church through Bible studies and treating mentally ill patients and epileptics in two church clinics.

Chad became independent from France in 1960. Since then, its politics have been characterised by violence, coups and insurgencies. It is a secular state with freedom of religion. Muslims are dominant in government, trade and the army, although they are only just the majority religion (approx 53%).

She has been working with AIM in Africa since 1988, first at Kapsowar hospital in Kenya, before moving to Chad in 2004. Her work in Kapsowar prepared her well for Chad, teaching her administration skills and giving experience in a wide range of medical work. She was also very involved in church work, preaching in a local church and helping to run seminars training elders, women and youth leaders of the district’s churches. She began working in Chad at Bebalem Hospital, caring for patients and assisting in the coordination of the church’s health centres, aiming to train others in good-quality Christian medical care.

In April 2015 Ann moved to the north of the country to work among an unreached people group.

Besides leading the team, Ann’s desire has been to share the gospel with local people and disciple believers; to encourage women and teenagers at a small Arabic-speaking church; and to treat mentally ill and epileptic patients.

Ann’s medical work is part-time. She spends one day a week in a church health centre, and another at her church. There is only one psychiatrist in Chad, so very few patients in the area have received help. Many have been chained up for years to stop them running away, bringing shame to their families, or harming themselves or others. People have been amazed to see such patients now in their right mind, and this has been a great testimony to the love of God shown through the church.

Besides this, Ann has been involved in learning Chadian Arabic and leading Bible studies with new believers and with women and teenage girls at her church. She spends time with local women, sharing the gospel with them in the hope of finding others who are interested in studying it further.

In the future, Ann may learn the language of a local people group and go to villages where there is no current witness to Jesus Christ.

Could you partner with Ann in this work?

Partner with Ann

Ann is currently leading a Focus team in Chad, seeking to work with the local church to reach an unreached people group.

If you would like to partner with Ann in your prayers, gifts and practical support, please download and complete this form and return to Freepost RTJH-JRZE-XXKX Africa Inland Mission, Halifax Place, Nottingham NG1 1QN.

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