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Angèle Fischbach

Sent from Action Biblique Church, Meinier, Switzerland

From May 2016 until May 2018 Angèle served on a TIMO team working among the Fulani people of Niger.

The Fulani are a people that live throughout the Sahel. They are a cattle herding agrarian people who stretch from Senegal in the west to Sudan in the east. In Niger the Fulani make up approximately 10% of the population, numbering about 1.5 million. They are spread across the country along the southern one-fifth of Niger which is arable land. North of these lands, the Sahara desert occupies the remaining four-fifths of Niger, with some oasis towns and trade routes going through the desert. Due to rebel activity in recent years, the north of Niger is considered a ‘no-go zone’ to foreigners, yet we are able to enter southern Niger as mission workers.

Niger officially the Republic of the Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa named after the Niger River.Over 80% of its land area lies in the Sahara Desert. The country’s predominantly Islamic population of about 21 million mostly clusters in the far south and west of the country. The capital city is Niamey, located in Niger’s southwest corner.

The Fulani are a predominantly Muslim people group. They first came in contact with Islam as early as the 1500s, but the majority did not adopt Islam until the 1800s. During this period Amaadu Lobbo Bari, a Muslim Fulani leader, grew in influence and established the Massina Empire, a theocratic Muslim Fulani state throughout the Inner Niger Delta region and extending to both the ancient Muslim centers of Djenné and Timbuktu. Today the Fulani are only nominally linked to Islam, with animal sacrifices instead playing an important role in the ritual celebrations of fatherhood, deaths, marriages, and other formal ceremonial occasions.

The team was really welcomed by two Fulani communities and Angèle is very thankful for the good relationships that the team built up.

As there were three nurses in the team (including Angèle) they had a lot of opportunities to help people in the communities, and the corresponding challenges this ability to help can bring. Overall, the team are encouraged through meeting some Fulani people who are really open to the gospel and who are already listening to voice recordings of the Bible or even reading portions of the Bible handed out by the team.

After a few months’ home assignment in the summer of 2018, Angèle has now returned to work among the Fulani.

Could you partner with Angèle in this work?

Partner with Angèle Fischbach

Angele is serving among the Fulani people in Niger.

As Angèle is based in Switzerland, if you would like to partner with her financially, please contact the Director for francophone Europe, Gilles Bonvallat via email at or call our office on 0115 9838120 for more information.


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