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July 2018 Connect

Connect is AIM Europe’s quarterly Magazine and Prayer Diary. It includes a weekly focus on either an unreached people group, an African country or a ministry area. Alongside the daily prayer items are complementary stories and articles which we trust will encourage you to pray with more insight and praise God for what he is doing among African people.

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July 2018 Connect Articles

  • The starting point of mission - There are many ways we could answer the ‘Why mission?’ question. We could talk about the need to change our broken world and combat injustice. We could talk about the need to rescue people from the judgment of God. We could talk about the command of Christ and his call in the Great Commission to go to the nations.
  • I met Jesus on the TV - “I met Jesus on the TV”. Samara smiles at my confusion. “One day, I was flicking through the TV channels looking for something to watch. I found this man talking about religion in Arabic. But this wasn’t Islam. He was talking about Jesus.
  • A land in transition - The area where two of our workers are based - once a stronghold of the early church and pivotal to the development of Christianity - was overrun by the Arab conquest of North Africa. Find out more here...
  • What is Islam? - There are many expressions of Islam, reflected across Muslim believers from different countries and cultures. Even within the two main branches, Sunni and Shi’a, there can be differences in beliefs and practices. But all Muslims share some core beliefs, the five pillars of Islam, outlining general rules for living.
  • How do you plant a church in North Africa? - There is often a necessity for church planting in creative access areas to look different from what we might be used to. We asked a member of a team in North Africa what church planting might look like for them, and how they maintain their relationship with God in a spiritually isolating area.