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Pray for the
Amhara people

The Amhara people live in the Ethiopian Highlands, following a lifestyle that hasn't changed for thousands of years. They are still waiting to hear about God's grace.

Who are the Amhara?

The Amhara people live in the Ethiopian Highlands, following a lifestyle that hasn’t changed for thousands of years. They are primarily agriculturists. They make up almost a third of Ethiopia’s population and have long dominated the history and politics of their country; all but one of Ethiopia’s emperors between 1270 to 1974 were Amhara. This has caused tension between them and other people groups.

What do they believe?

Christian teachings spread into Ethiopia immediately after Pentecost. During the fourth century, however, some of these beliefs shifted, and the Orthodox Church was established. Understanding of Scripture is limited to higher level priests, and many of them lead church services in an ancient, now unspoken, language called Ge’ez. The majority of Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia don’t understand the concept of God’s grace and work hard to obtain forgiveness, never knowing if their actions and prayers are sufficient.

What is being done to reach them?

The TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach) team that AIM is partnering with SIM to send to Bahir Dar has had to be put on hold. Bahir Dar is the capital city of Ethiopia and a centre for the Amhara people, with a population of 300,000, 90% of which belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The vision is for a TIMO team to work with the small, local protestant church to mobilise them to reach out to their orthodox friends, family and neighbours with the gospel.

Prayer Resources


If you are organising a prayer meeting or just looking for material to help you pray with more insight for some of Africa’s unreached people, why not download a printable Prayer sheet on the Amhara of Ethiopia.

Latest prayer updates…

Give thanks:

That there is a small movement of people among the Amhara who have understood the gospel and that there are a few protestant churches of different denominations.

For the TIMO team leaders who are already in Bahir Dar preparing for the team to arrive by building relationships with the community and exploring the work permit possibilities.

Please pray:

That Orthodox believers of Bahir Dar would encounter Christ in all his fullness and not only grow in personal relationship with him but also in sharing their faith with others.

That among the Amhara we would see bands of disciples praying, encouraging each other and studying his word in their own language and in culturally appropriate ways.

It is difficult to get into Ethiopia because its regulated by work permits, so all members of the team will need a job and adequate education. Pray that God would provide for this need.

That God would call Ethiopians and other Africans to be a part of this team.

That the team would be welcomed by the Amhara, and that they would have good relationships with them that will enable them to share the gospel.

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