Marsali Campbell

Sent from Smithton Church, Inverness

Until April 2021 Marsali served with Dwelling Places, providing healthcare for children living on the streets in Kampala and Karamoja. She is now in the UK and between assignments.

Marsali was raised on the Isle of Lewis and then in Skye. She trained as a general nurse in Glasgow before working with children in a mission hospital in South India. She then studied Paediatrics in London and specialised in Oncology and HIV at Great Ormond Street Hospital before moving to the Paediatric Emergency Department in Glasgow Yorkhill Hospital. She then felt God calling her to full time mission, and after joining AIM in 2000 was sent to serve at Dwelling Places in Uganda in 2001.

Dwelling Places works to rescue street children, rehabilitate them in the organisation’s home, and then resettle them back into their families and communities. Marsali says: ‘The health work is a vital aspect of outreach to the children living on the streets. We develop relationships and trust, assist in emergencies, comfort and encourage where possible, teaching about health and life skills. Our social workers work with the children who come off the streets, are part of our rehabilitation programme, family tracing, home visits, and resettlement. For those who have no existing relatives, we pioneer in adoption and foster care, and for some of our older adolescents, they continue into independent living.’

While at Dwelling Places, Marsali developed the medical work within its holistic ministry. Medical work is an amazing tool in reaching out to the lost, and Marsali has a heart to see street-connected children come to know God as their Father as they experience his love through Dwelling Places’ medical ministry.

Marsali worked with them for 15 years and then completed a Masters in Global Health and Development in 2017. She returned Uganda to continue working with Dwelling Places, but this time with an emphasis on frontline healthcare for children living on the streets. Most children living on the streets of Kampala are originally from the Karamoja region of Uganda. Therefore she also works in Karamoja, seeking to prevent the migration and trafficking of children to the streets.

Evangelism and discipleship continue to be integral to life and work in Africa, whether it’s within the team, or with ex-street-connected children and youth.

Besides this, Marsali was involved in training and mentoring members of the Dwelling Places team and others involved in healthcare, counselling and child protection. She also continues to be a member of AIM’s Child Safety and Protection team, which ensures high standards of child care and safeguarding within our organisation.

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Latest Prayer News

Marsali Campbell has been in the UK on Home Assignment since April, having finished serving with Dwelling Places in Kampala, Uganda. Please pray that this Home Assignment will be holistically restful and restorative for Marsali, and that she will grow in her trust in God as she seeks his will for future ministry. 

Pray for Marsali Campbell as she seeks to encourage the Missions Committee of a local church in Kampala by studying an AIM missions course called ‘Xplore’ with them. Pray that God would use it to grow that church in its heart to send cross-cultural missionaries.

“Please pray for my ongoing health, holistically – body, mind and spirit. I’m very thankful for the degree of healing I have in my shoulder pain, however there is still considerable limit in my range of movement. Pray I will find good rest through sleep, and times of quietening my heart and spirit, when life and ministry can be so very busy and noisy, with children and just life in urban Africa!” Since writing this, Marsali has also had a fracture in the elbow of the same arm she’s been having shoulder pain with, so please pray for continued healing for her arm.

“We are thankful to say that we haven’t had many Coronavirus cases in Uganda. We’ve had an increase in testing, which has resulted in finding out that we have more cases but as far as we can tell from the Ministry of Health they are all recovering well and we haven’t had any deaths, which we are very thankful for… Significantly for many is that schools have not opened. We understand the rules around that, but it has effects for children… here, school is a place of safety for many children and a place of security where they can have one meal a day… we’re praying that as things hopefully improve globally – and also locally here in Uganda – that children will be able to go back to school.”

Marsali shares about the time she spent in Karamoja at the end of February: “Lomarotoit Primary School… has been important to our Dwelling Places ministry as we partner together with them in the area of prevention of children migrating to the streets. It was identified many years ago and we’ve been working closely with them and supporting in various ways… There are extreme levels of poverty in this area with many health-related issues, one of which is that the nearest health clinic is 20km away. The nearby borehole for water supply was broken for five years but was recently repaired and functioning but the Headmaster told us today that it’s broken again – safe water is a huge issue related to health. As is severe food shortages and resulting malnutrition. Malaria continues to be a major challenge as well as respiratory infections. But the school is doing a great job with approximately 160 children.” Praise God for what Lomarotoit Primary School is able to do to prevent its pupils migrating to the streets and please pray that God would provide for the needs of the school and its children.


80% of Uganda is engaged in agriculture. The healthy economy of the 1960s was crippled in 1972 by the expulsion of the Asian business community, and then virtually destroyed by tyranny and wars. It has steadily improved since 1992. Under previous government regimes there were restrictions on persecuted Christians, but there is now freedom of religion. LEARN MORE

Children & Youth

In sharing the gospel with children & young people our hope is to develop disciple making disciples – to demonstrate God’s immeasurable love for children and to offer them the reassurance and peace that a relationship with him can bring. LEARN MORE
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