Jessica Melagne

Sent from Eglise Protestant Evangélique in Amiens, France

Jessica Melagne serves in Bunia, DR Congo in youth ministry with the CECA 20 (Communauté Évangélique au Centre de l’Afrique) church.

Jessica became a Christian at 17 years old, and quickly became involved in youth ministry during and after studying Law at university. In 2018 she began training at the Geneva Bible Institute. Through her course and meetings with missionaries, God opened Jessica’s eyes to the reality of unreached people not having access to the gospel. She therefore extended her training at the Institute, this time focussing on cross-cultural mission.

As part of her training Jessica is serving with AIM in Bunia, DR Congo while continuing to study from a distance. She has been looking forward to joining CECA 20 (Communauté Évangélique au Centre de l’Afrique) in their youth ministry and women’s ministry. She is involved in youth discipleship, a ministry that she is passionate about and a ministry that CECA 20 is looking to grow.

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Latest Prayer News

Pray for Jessica and Espérance serving in Bunia, DR Congo. Jessica shares, “I don’t know all the reasons, but it is difficult to find many Congolese Swahili Bibles. When those Bibles are available, they are quite expensive: more than a week’s pay. That’s a lot for families who often have only one income. There isn’t an online Congolese Swahili Bible, they can have access to French online versions, but again, not everyone has a smartphone to do so.” Pray for God’s Word to be more accessible in DR Congo. 

Jessica Melagne serves in Bunia, DR Congo in youth ministry with the CECA 20 church. Praise God that Espérance Kamata has now recovered from Covid-19 and been able to join her in Bunia! Please pray for both Jessica and Espérance as they settle in to life and ministry in Bunia, start building relationships with the people they will serve and those they will serve alongside, and begin their ministry.

Jessica Melagne flew to Kenya yesterday to attend AIM’s Africa Based Orientation (ABO) before travelling onwards to an assignment in Bunia, DR Congo in February. Unfortunately Espérance Kamata was not able to travel with her due to a positive Covid-19 test, pray that she will soon be able to follow Jessica. Both are still raising funds for their ministry, pray that funds will come in to allow them to complete their service in DR Congo as well as for the practicalities and logistics of beginning work there, that plans will fall into place and official documents will be processed in a timely way. 

Pray for Jessica Melagne who is support raising as she prepares to work in Bunia, DR Congo in youth ministry with the CECA 20 (Communauté Évangélique au Centre de l’Afrique) church. She is currently studying at the Geneva Bible Institute focussing on cross-cultural mission and will be serving in DR Congo as part of her studies.  

Jessica Melagne is raising support as she prepares to serve with AIM in Bunia, DR Congo. She will be serving in youth ministry and women’s ministry with the CECA 20 church. If you would like to give to Jessica’s support, please visit her webpage:

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