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Teach at Wellspring Academy, Chad

Could you use your teaching skills to support the children of mission workers in Chad?


Founded in 2010 by Africa Inland Mission, Wellspring Academy is a day school in N’djamena, Chad, dedicated to providing quality education for the children of cross-cultural Christian workers serving there.

Wellspring has about 30 children in grades 1 – 8 (ages 6-14). There are three full-time teachers, teaching multi-grade classes and who also support home schooled children and their parents in Chad.

There are regular vacancies for teachers to support this work long or short term.

Ministry and Type of Work

There are two main aspects to this role; working at Wellspring Academy and supporting families who home-school in the area.

AIM is searching for a qualified primary teacher for one year, two years, or for longer to join this staff.

Each teacher needs to be experienced, certified, and enthusiastic about the work God is doing in Chad. Cross-cultural experience and multi-grade teaching experience would both be helpful but are not essential.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Required – teaching qualification
  • Required – At least one year of teaching experience.
  • Desired – French language ability.
  • A sense of God’s call to minister to missionary children & their families and a love for missionary children & their families.
  • Must be flexible, have good organisational skills and be willing to travel to visit families in remote locations.

Other information

  • Start date: September or January depending on timing and needs of school
  • Duration: Minimum one year
  • Accomodation would be provided on the school compound


Costs vary from country to country and depending on your personal circumstances. The costs of living across the continent vary greatly, and of course the variables of family size and age of children and their education needs will have an effect too.

One of our retired missionaries, Peter Maclure, shares about counting the cost: 

We believe that God will provide for those he is leading into cross-cultural mission with AIM. The first step is to be praying, and to share your needs with your church and supporters, so that they can be praying with you that your needs would be met. Once your assignment is agreed and confirmed, a detailed budget is prepared for you which outlines the overall amount needed to be raised or pledged for your first term (2-3 years depending on location). You will need to have 100% of this amount pledged before you can travel.

The budget is shared with your sending church and we will work with you and your church to help you think about this further. Our European Based Orientation programme provides some training on partnership development, and we will provide other resources for you to share with potential supporters too, such as a prayer card, a page on our website with an online giving form and a standing order form (if needed).

Listen to a pastor talking about offering support:


The long term application process normally takes between six to twelve months, with at least another six months following acceptance into AIM to raise support before going out to the field.

Our aim is to be thorough and diligent and we want to make sure, so far as we are able, that our missionaries are of a suitable calibre, have an assignment which is appropriate to their skills and giftings, and that they are adequately trained and equipped in order to be able to thrive and be effective in the ministry that they are called to.

Listen to missionaries talking about their preparation:


As a missionary teacher I’ve seen how vital on-field teaching support is. Not just for the parents but for their children too.

Interested? Get in Touch

Hi, my name is Debbie. If this opportunity interests you, or you have any questions, please do get in touch.​

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Long term ( Over a year )

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Chad became independent from France in 1960. Since then, its politics have been characterised by violence, coups and insurgencies. It is a secular state with freedom of religion. Muslims are dominant in government, trade and the army, although they are only just the majority religion (approx 53%). LEARN MORE


Teaching is not just a support ministry. It's vital in sharing the gospel, displaying Christ and helping children and young people to thrive. Could you use your gifts and skills to make Jesus known among the nations? LEARN MORE
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