North Africa team

Do you want to know more about what it’s like to serve in a closed country? Are you prepared to be challenged in your walk with God? To widen your cultural boundaries? To pray for God to move in a challenging context?


God is moving in powerful ways in the countries of North Africa. If you’re interested and considering how you can play a role in sharing the gospel in these nations, then why not come on this week long short term trip and explore how you could get involved? Join a team of like-minded people for one week, learn from long term workers and engage in hands on ministry.

Ministry and type of work

You will explore the local culture, investigate barriers to faith and understand more about what ministry looks like in this context, as well as spending a lot of time praying for and encouraging those working in this area long term. We will also be running a holiday club for the ministry workers children.

Qualifications and experience

  • An interest in supporting or serving in ministry in closed countries, particularly North Africa

Other information

  • This team will be led by an experienced missionary.
  • The team usually runs once per year during the summer months, there are limited spaces available on the team for security reasons. 
  • The dates for this team are: July 30th – August 6th 2022.


Usually we will only facilitate opportunities for someone to repeatedly go on short term placements if there is a genuine desire to serve long term and the repeated placements are seen as preparation for longer term service. However there are some specialist opportunities that would be suitable for someone to go and serve in more regularly. Please get in touch to find out more.

Different countries in Africa require different injections. Some injections will be advised rather than required, so our advice is always to contact your local doctor's surgery to find out what injections you will need. You can do your own research on the internet to get a feel for what’s best (,, but please always seek professional advice.

The approximate cost of a placement is £600-£1,800 for 1-4 weeks, £3,000 for 3 months, £4,500 for 6 months, and £7,000 for 12 months (though this will vary depending on the country and type of placement).

Don’t forget to ask your church about ways they can help you to raise support. You can also earn the money, apply for grants, organise a sponsored event or hold an information evening about what you will be involved in. Further guidance on raising support will be given once you have been accepted onto the short term programme.

August Basson

As missionaries, our work is incomplete if we overlook the relationship with God’s creation. In many places in Africa people’s hearts are closed to the gospel, but their ears are open to solutions to the challenges the environment throws at them. And so their ears become a highway to their hearts when practical solutions are offered to droughts and floods.

Interested? Get in Touch

Hi, my name is Debbie. If this opportunity interests you, or you have any questions, please do get in touch.​

Interested in serving form

Short term (under a year)

There are many ways to serve short term. Whether on a team, as an individual, on a medical elective, or as a Bible college placement, short term with AIM fits into our long term ministry of reaching Africa’s unreached with the gospel. LEARN MORE

Creative Access

We use ‘Creative Access’ to refer to nations, areas or ministries where there is great hostility towards Christianity and where traditional ‘missionary work’ is not possible. Workers, therefore, need to be ‘creative’ in how they proclaim the liberating news of Jesus Christ. In North Africa alone, 200 million people from 472 unreached people groups are unreached with the gospel. That’s 200 million people unknowingly heading for a Christ-less eternity. LEARN MORE

Community Development

Our heart is to see people’s whole lives redeemed by the love of Christ, and communities changed as people understand their value in God’s eyes. LEARN MORE
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