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Medical electives at Kapsowar Hospital

Do you want to use your medical elective to experience what it’s like to use your medical profession on the mission field? Go to the AIC hospital in Kapsowar for experience in a rural setting.


Kapsowar is a small district hospital that provides essential medical care in a remote setting in North West Kenya. The 126-bed, multi-building hospital provides facilities for maternity, pediatric, medical, and surgical care. Mobile maternal and child health clinics travel to three centers up to 90 km (56 miles) away. Four dispensaries provide simple healthcare for the local people. The hospital has approximately 4,000 inpatient admissions and 15,000 outpatient visits per year. The Vision of the Africa Inland Church is to provide excellent health care as an avenue to outreach and evangelism.


Kapsowar, N Kenya

Kapsowar hospital is located in a remote area of northwestern Kenya about 60 miles from the Uganda border. Specifically, it sits at the edge of a small village within the Marakwat District of the North Rift Valley Region. It is situated on the eastern edge of the Cherangani Hills overlooking the Kerio Valley.

Ministry & Type of work

Medical elective students support the work within the context of the hospital and open doors for spiritual ministry, providing a means to reach out to people who may not otherwise hear the Gospel.

The hospital covers maternity, pediatric, medical and surgical care.  there will be the opportunity to be involved in the screening of patients in the outpatient department. There will also be an opportunity to meet with nursing school students and share Christ with them.

Following your time in Kapsowar you will be asked to take one more week to gain some experience of working amongst unreached people groups.

Qualifications & Experience

This elective is for Students who are in their final year of study only.

Other Info

  • Housing is on site at the hospital
  • Minimum time requested for this placement is 8 weeks to include the extra week looking at ministry amongst unreached people groups and travel time

Resources to promote this opportunity

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Team assignments generally last between one and three months, whereas individual placements last from three months to one year.

It depends on your placement and country - it may be very basic or have all modern amenities. We will ensure that your accommodation will be secure. It will either be living with a local family, a missionary family or in your own accommodation - sometimes with another short termer.

In most cases, as a short term missionary, you will receive both a European based orientation before departure as well as a country-specific orientation upon arrival in the country of service.

During this orientation, you will cover topics like AIM’s history and vision, the culture and worldview of where you are going, health, safety, maintaining spiritual vitality while serving, communication, and travel.

The orientation in Africa at the start of your assignment will range in length from 1-5 days depending on your assignment type. It generally includes a mini language acquisition course called LAMP-lite. This field-based orientation will also equip you in practical matters such as navigating public transportation, cultural sensitivity, setting up housekeeping, operating in a new currency, AIM policies in the specific country, as well as safety plans.

Andrew Beckham

Healthcare is proving to be a powerful means of sharing the treasure of abundant life, whilst tangibly demonstrating the love of the Good Shepherd we proclaim.

Interested? Get in Touch

Hi, my name is Debbie. If this opportunity interests you, or you have any questions, please do get in touch.​

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Short term (under a year)

There are many ways to serve short term. Whether on a team, as an individual, on a medical elective, or as a Bible college placement, short term with AIM fits into our long term ministry of reaching Africa’s unreached with the gospel. LEARN MORE


Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963. Since then British tourism has been a key element of Kenya’s economy, however, unemployment, poverty and crime remain high. Whilst the majority religion is Christianity, Kenya’s ethnic diversity and vast countryside means there are still many unreached with the gospel. LEARN MORE


We long to see Health Professionals practising, modelling and mentoring competent, compassionate medicine, but doing so in places where they will influence unreached people groups for Christ. LEARN MORE
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