North Africa Long Term Team: Outreach & evangelism

We’re seeking to purposefully multiply groups of obedient, whole-hearted followers of Jesus, committed to the Word of God and led by the Spirit of God, to see churches spread across North Africa.


We are seeking to establish discipleship systems with the long-term four-fold purpose of:

1. Training new workers to effective church planting ministry
2. Boldly reaching the unreached
3. Intentionally discipling the new church toward reproducing maturity
4. Investing in the formation of leaders who raise up leaders.

Creative Access

We use ‘Creative Access’ to refer to nations, areas or ministries where there is great hostility towards Christianity and where traditional ‘missionary work’ is not possible. Workers, therefore, need to be ‘creative’ in how they proclaim the liberating news of Jesus Christ.


Before teams of new workers can begin joining us to be trained to effective church planting ministry, it would be ideal for a small team to lay the groundwork. This team would include a core of individuals who are:

– Proficient in the local language, culture, and context, who can help orient and guide new workers.
– Familiar with the curriculum that will be used in training new workers, and willing to model and lead them in engaging with this curriculum.
– Actively living a lifestyle of bold witness and purposeful discipleship from whose example and guidance new workers can learn.
– Comfortable with their identity in an Islamic, creative access context, and willing and able to help new workers struggle through issues to arrive at a similar level of confidence.
– Able and willing to wrestle through and help set in place the systems through which others will be able to effectively follow, be trained, and thrive and bear fruit.

New members joining this preparatory team will:

– Begin a concerted time of language and culture study, and will continue in purposeful language study until a lack of language ceases to pose any kind of hindrance to daily life or discipleship.   

– Become increasingly familiar with the TIMO curriculum both for their own equipping and growth, and with the view of helping equip others to follow.

– Seek out an initial job identity that can be used to live out their faith before those they minister among.

– Be challenged and encouraged to boldly and purposefully share the Good News through the relationships they build, and to continually seek to create opportunities to point and disciple others to Christ.

– Grow in proficiency and familiarity in this context, they will look to lay the foundations for avenues of identity through which future workers might join them.

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