North Africa Long Term Team: Help plant a church

We are looking for faithful, obedient disciples to proclaim the truth of Jesus boldly and lovingly; to make disciples of Jesus Christ and teach them what he has commanded us. 

We’re looking for Christians who are committed to prayer, have experience in sharing the gospel and are ready to obey God’s call on their lives. You will join a team committed to loving and encouraging one another, and submit to accountability. Team members will each have jobs that fit with their various skills, training and passion and that also work well in the local context. Jobs can include business startups, professional placements, humanitarian activities and many others! But the main factor in choosing a job is that in whatever is chosen it is possible to take the opportunities that God will bring to declare the name of Jesus.

Creative Access

We use ‘Creative Access’ to refer to nations, areas or ministries where there is great hostility towards Christianity and where traditional ‘missionary work’ is not possible. Workers, therefore, need to be ‘creative’ in how they proclaim the liberating news of Jesus Christ.


Because we believe in the unity of the church, the team will meet with believers from other organisations to worship and pray together about once a month. The unit leader and other city leaders also meet for prayer separately once a month. We have committed to meeting as a team for an hour of prayer on the Sabbath for the nations, and especially for our country. We gather once a week to share a meal, pray for one another and for those Jesus brought to us over the week.  Together, we take steps forward on our interactive website and on Facebook as we ask God to gather the hungry. We memorise Scripture in Arabic and hold each other accountable in language and proclamation, while asking Jesus to fill us always with grace and love. We intentionally plan visits separately and in pairs to friends’ homes and we go to parks and cafes praying that God would bring new ones with a desire to know who Jesus is. When enquirers come from the web or when friends show a hunger for the truth, we commit to meeting with them regularly and ask God to teach us through his Spirit and his Word. 

Current situation:

Where this team is based there are no two local believers meeting together that we know of; there is no local group for new believers to join. So, as God breathes locals to life, we will disciple in any way he gives us – through one-on-one visits, through Skype, through email. We pray for wisdom for us, and boldness for new believers, and believe that God will show us how, when, and where to gather when the time comes. God will build his church!

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