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We write about the ‘Indian Ocean Islands’ rather than naming individual Islands because Christianity on ‘the Islands’ is often viewed with hostility and in some cases outlawed by the Islamic rulers. Political violence has left these islands desperately poor and natural resources are in short supply.

It’s in this context that AIM began work in the Indian Ocean Islands in 1975. AIM’s work on some Islands was initially interrupted by violence following several of the Islands declaring independence from France. These declarations led to a withdrawal of French aid and aid workers which in turn provided an opportunity for AIM to serve the community. In desperate need of health workers, AIM were welcomed by Island leaders into these majority Muslim areas as they were prepared to send skilled staff to work in Island hospitals. From 1975 until present day evangelism has been difficult across the Islands, with local Christians facing persecution and rejection as a result of their faith. As such, evangelism work in the Islands today is carried out alongside other occupations, with opportunities to serve ranging from English teaching to nursing and community healthcare.

Additionally, many immigrants and refugees from the islands live in Marseille, France. Workers here seek to introduce them to the gospel and equip them to take the good news back to their homelands. Opportunities to serve on this team are also available.

Latest opportunities on The Indian Ocean Islands

  • Healthcare on the Indian Ocean Islands - We long to see healthy individuals and communities – measurably less preventable illnesses, sicknesses being healed and people relating rightly to God.
  • Teach English in Mayotte - We need English teachers who can become part of a local association so that they can provide teaching support and fulfil the educational purposes of the association.
  • Plant churches on Clove Island - We want to see reproducing, indigenous churches throughout the Indian Ocean Islands. We want to see these built and the local church empowered.

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    • Sophie’s story - Sophie* became a believer a few years ago, and one of our workers on the Islands has been privileged to witness and be part of her journey. 
    • Going to the hard places - As Miriam Butcher looks back, she’s able to acknowledge God’s faithfulness, goodness and grace as she has celebrated AIM’s 75, 100 and now 125 anniversaries.
    • Worth the cost of comfort - One of our team leaders serving on the Indian Ocean Islands shares how her TIMO experience fortifies her current ministry.
    • Equipped for life - Chris and Sarah served in Mayotte from 2010-2019, the first few years of which were on a TIMO team. Last year they, and their four children, moved from Mayotte to Nairobi to work in AIM’s Southern Region office. We asked Chris and Sarah how their experience on a TIMO team shaped their future ministry.