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Looking for an opportunity to gain some practical experience, either as part of your degree course, or as part of planning for your future, then why not consider working with us? As well as opportunities for medical and Bible college placements we also have internships for aviation specialists. You can always contact us or check out our website for other postings for professionals too.


Medical Electives

If you have the opportunity to take a medical elective, we have a limited number of places each year where you will experience healthcare and mission working hand in hand. You will build relationships with local Christians, healthcare workers and patients, learning about their lives and their culture which will include some basic local language learning.


Bible College Placements

If your Bible college course requires you to complete a placement, serving with AIM is a great opportunity to combine your course requirements with on-the-ground exposure to life as a missionary.

Once we know the requirements of your course we can match you with a ministry where you will be mentored individually or where you will be part of a team. Our short term placements work among unreached people groups and there will be opportunities to share the gospel as you learn skills related to your field of study. Typical individual placements include; outreach and discipleship in northern Kenya, youth discipleship in Rwanda and outreach among rural villages in northern Uganda. Typical team placements include training programmes which include living out mission.  


AIM Air Internships

If you are pursuing or have achieved aviation training, this is an opportunity to understand and experience the requirements to be a long term missions pilot, mechanic or engineer. You need be willing to work in a team, and be flexible and teachable. You’ll have opportunities to relate  to people from diverse backgrounds and to grow deeper in your Christian life.

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