Inland Mission

among the
unreached Didinga

Our vision is to see maturing churches planted among the Didinga and encourage and equip the Africa Inland Church in South Sudan to begin reaching its own people.

Who are the Didinga?

The Didinga people are one of the larger unreached people groups in Eastern Equatoria State (EES), South Sudan. They are two distinct groups, those living in the lowlands to the west of the Didinga Mountains and those living in the mountains. The total population is estimated between 60,000 of which approximately half live in the mountain regions. Access to the people living in the lower regions is easy, whereas access to those living in the mountains is difficult. The Didinga Mountains at 1,900m cover approximately 30,000 square kilometres, with many communities located in valleys, slopes and plateaus across the hills. There are no roads, poor public radio coverage and very limited cell phone network.


The herding of cattle is very important to the Didinga, and at 2000m elevation, the area has sufficient rainfall to grow two crops per year. The Didinga also enjoy making music and various crafts. They live in homesteads with their clan, in round houses with cone-shaped roofs.

So what’s the vision?

Our vision is to see maturing churches planted on the mountains, planted in partnership with the church in South Sudan. We long to encourage and equip the Africa Inland Church in South Sudan to begin reaching its own people.

But I don’t feel called to go…

“And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?” Paul in Romans 10:15 reminds us that senders play just an important role as goers. We are always thankful for the many people who don’t go, but faithfully help send others. One vital way that all believers can be involved in overseas mission, is to pray. Click here for the latest prayer updates, and prayer resources on the Didinga.


Download a Didinga opportunity sheet

Have a missions event or missions board at your church? Why not download a Didinga opportunity sheet for others to find out more about serving in Africa.

How can I get involved?


Long Term

We are planning to place a focus team from the global church to live among the Didinga in Nagishot and the surrounding mountains for the next two years. Team members will go to serve as learners, passionate about the application of the Bible in their own lives and for sharing the gospel with the Didinga through word and deed.


Short Term

There will also be a number of short term opportunities to help set up for the team and work alongside them for a shorter amount of time. More details will be available soon. If you are interested in serving short term among the Didinga or elsewhere in Africa, please contact us.

Latest opportunities

  • Mountain mission - Across the valleys, along the plateaus and slopes, and on the adjacent plains of the Didinga hills in South Sudan lives a people group who are still waiting to hear the name of Jesus.

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