Histoires d'hommes et de femmes en Afrique

Découvrez comment Dieu travaille à travers la vie de gens ordinaires pour étendre son royaume. Lisez des récits d'africains et de missionnaires, envoyés du monde entier, qui cherchent à partager la bonne nouvelle avec ceux qui ne l'ont pas encore entendue.

How Aids work leads to discipleship

The islands on Lake Victoria in Central Africa are beautiful. But they are places of spiritual darkness, and HIV/Aids has devastated those who live there.

From Stevenage to Ga’ara

As part of a TIMO team, Miriam Pugh talks about the challenges of living and serving amongst the unreached Wasi People of Tanzania.

Crossing Cultures

TIMO teams often come from different cultures. We asked two Tanzanian team members, Musa and Ema, to share their experience of TIMO.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Melanie* recalls her first days of TIMO on an Indian Ocean Island and the struggles and joys of learning the heart language...

Water is life

Northern Kenya is dry and vast. For the nomadic peoples who live here, life revolves around water. There’s a spiritual thirst, too; a thirst for the living water that never runs dry.
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The unreached – walking in shadow

There are 744 unreached Muslim people groups in Africa, many of which live on the coast. These people live in darkness, yet there is light and life in Christ!

AIM Identity

Watch this video to discover the passion for Christ-centred churches across Africa that drives our ministry, and consider your part... Could you pray, give or go?

The call to CAN healthcare

Graham & Fiona (Not their real names) talk about why they felt God calling them to health care in a Creative Access Nation (CAN)...

There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.