Build the church in Marsabit

What’s the vision?

AIM members will live, proclaim the gospel, and make disciples in the town of Marsabit and its environs. This will be done in partnership with Kenyan workers, as together we seek to develop Christ-like leaders for the church and the people of northern Kenya.

Where’s Marsabit and what’s it like?

Marsabit is the political, social and economic centre of northern Kenya. It’s in an arid setting with a largely pastoral economy based on livestock husbandry. Most of the people groups of northern Kenya are well represented in the town, including the Samburu, Rendille, Gabra, and Borana. In discussions with the Africa Inland Church it’s become clear that Marsabit plays a central role in the life of the church. Almost all young educated men and women from the unreached of the northern Kenya spend significant time in Marsabit. They come seeking education and training as well as employment opportunities. Marsabit is the location where one can influence the greatest number of future leaders for the church of northern Kenya.

Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963. Since then British tourism has been a key element of Kenya’s economy, however, unemployment, poverty and crime remain high. Whilst the majority religion is Christianity, Kenya’s ethnic diversity and vast countryside means there are still many unreached with the gospel.

Why do we need to send people?

The greatest problem facing the church in northern Kenya is the lack of Biblically trained leaders. In order to produce Christ-like leaders, the vision is to place in Marsabit a team focused on Bible teaching and mentoring and discipleship.

What would I do?

1. Run the Northern Bible Training Centre (NBTC) to train new and current church leaders for the peoples of northern Kenya. To this end there will be at least two team members dedicated to teaching and running the NBTC. Kenyan church leaders will be invited to serve as short term faculty to teach block courses to enhance the regular training.

2. Disciple young, potential Christian leaders across all spheres of life (church, political, business, medical, leaders). Team members will consider it a vital part of their role to build relationships and intentionally disciple young men and women and to share the gospel message of Christ’s death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins.

3. Provide medical support for the Marsabit government hospital and for AIM missionaries across northern Kenya.

4. Provide occasional ongoing training for church leaders of AIC and other denominations in and around Marsabit.

Who do we need on the team?

1. Bible Teachers (Two positions – filled) These members will teach and be involved in personal mentoring and discipleship of key future leaders. They will have theological education and ideally Bible teaching experience.

2. Medical workers (Two positions requested – Doctors). These members will work in the Marsabit Government Hospital and focus on training Christian leaders in that role. Additional support will be provided to outlying Africa Inland Church centres throughout Marsabit county as time and energy allows.

3. Secondary School Teacher (one position). This member will be involved in public schools and will be involved in outreach and discipleship of secondary school students, teaching various subjects at secondary school level according to expertise/ability/training; be involved in discipleship opportunities

4. Children’s workers (Two positions – filled) These members will teach a children’s ministry module to the Bible students. In addition, they will be involved in children’s ministry in the local church and in the local schools if given the opening.

5. Short Termers (Multiple and rotating opportunities envisioned) The short termers on the team will focus on building relationships with individuals in the church and community with the aim to intentional mentoring/discipleship.

When can I start?

January 2019 for Bible teachers and July 2019 for medical and other workers. Anytime entry to the team is acceptable.

Length of Term: We expect all full members to commit to a minimum of two years. It is desired that members will stay for four or more years to allow for adequate orientation and long-term continuity.

Language: Due to the mix of people groups and languages in Marsabit, the team members will be expected to learn the national language of Swahili.