Short Term – Teacher at Wellspring Academy

2 March 2018

Wellspring Academy provides education for children aged 6 to 14 and support for home-schooled children and their parents in Chad, enabling missionaries to serve in Chad by educating their children. They are currently looking for teachers for this academic year and next year, teaching 8-10 year olds this year and 11-13 year olds next year.

Chad became independent from France in 1960. Since then, its politics have been characterised by violence, coups and insurgencies. It is a secular state with freedom of religion. Muslims are dominant in government, trade and the army, although they are only just the majority religion (approx 53%).


Wellspring Academy, Chad


Required – At least one year of teaching experience.

Desired – French language ability.


Required – Teaching degree.

Start date:



One academic year.


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