Inland Mission

Christoff & Sarah Power

with Sebastian; Isabelle; Esmé and Iris

Sent from Bridge Chapel, Liverpool


Chris & Sarah have been living and working among the Shibushi unreached people in Mayotte since 2010. Mayotte is a small tropical island located in the Indian Ocean. It became an overseas department of France in 2011 and has since become the home of many immigrants from Africa and neighbouring islands. The islanders practise folk Islam but French development has also brought a modern secular culture to the island.

The Powers run a School Support & English Centre in the community where they help children with basic literacy, French and maths and teach English courses to youth and adults. This is meeting a real need in the community and has been an excellent way to serve local families. Chris and Sarah intentionally live out and share their faith as they participate in community life and invest in relationships with the people around them

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The Powers teach English. They lead a ministry team and Chris is also the Mayotte Unit Leader.

If you would like to partner with the Powers in your prayers, gifts and practical support, please download and complete this form and return to Freepost RTJH-JRZE-XXKX Africa Inland Mission, Halifax Place, Nottingham NG1 1QN.

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