Instability in CAR

Steve and Sharon Entwistle have been in CAR since September 2015, preparing for the team to join them in their work among the Zande and Mbororo people. The team finally joined them last November, but since then, the country has seen a lot of instability. Steve gives us an update...

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Around Africa at Easter

Easter. A long weekend, chocolate egg hunts, pastel coloured decorations and a family lamb dinner after church? We visit some of our missionaries around Africa to find out what Easter looked like for them last year. Pray for the unique opportunities Easter affords our missionaries to share the good news of the cross and resurrection with those who have not yet heard it.

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6 April 2017

Joining the dots

Carrie Pither has been in Africa for 9 months now, and she tells us how she has become aware of how her role plays a part in the vision of the Great Commission...

Carrie Pither

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30 March 2017

10 common misconceptions about missionaries

Rachel Andersen works among the unreached Gabbra people with her husband, Eddie and their six children. They live in Kalacha, Kenya, an area that suffers cycles of drought and famine. She debunks some of the common misconceptions people believe about missionaries who live in remote areas.  1. We are all adventurous. After crossing a very muddy plain, a […]

Rachel Andersen

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29 March 2017

Why do we need business people in mission?

We asked a creative access worker to talk about why it is important to have business people engaged in mission and how businesses can be used to share the gospel.

*names withheld

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29 March 2017

Why are we mobilising Africans to mission?

How will the growing church in Africa fulfil its responsibility of taking the gospel to the remaining unreached peoples of Africa and beyond?

Tony Swanson

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29 March 2017

Remembering Regina

While we grieve for ourselves, we rejoice for Regina who has gone ahead and is standing in the presence of Jesus. “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

John & Krys Cassels

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27 March 2017

Reaching the Tanala

The Hofmanns explain why they are going to live among the Tanala, one of the least reached people groups in Madagascar, in the southeast of the country.

Jurgen & Katja Hofmann

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24 March 2017

Why bother with women’s ministry?

Owen & Miriam Pugh are part of a team working among the unreached Alagwa people in Tanzania. Miriam shares about the women's ministry she is involved with.

Miriam Pugh

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23 February 2017

Caroline’s Medical Calling

Caroline Bell, is preparing to serve long term in Africa. Here, she shares about her interest in mission and how short term service confirmed her calling.

Caroline Bell

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